Linux is a well known OS, that's commonly used for web servers, given that it offers a number of advantages over other OSs. It is thought to be the most solid OS available and owing to the way it functions, infected files will simply not work. Due to the fact Linux is 100 % free to use, no license fees will be added to the price that you will have to pay for your web hosting service. That, in turn, makes it possible for the provider to personalize the Operating system according to what they and their customers need, removing unneeded packages to improve the OS and the server’s performance. Linux servers often feature the Apache server software, which processes site access requests. Apache is also free and easy to customize, not to mention that it is really quick and light in terms of the system resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment which many of the most popular script applications require – Moodle, Joomla, WordPress,, etcetera. The LAMP configuration is the most traditionally used one globally, as it is stable as well as simple to take care of.
Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Web Hosting
All of the web servers that are an element of our revolutionary cloud hosting platform run Linux as a way to guarantee their fast and secure operations, that will subsequently lead to much better overall website functionality. This is valid for each website that you host inside a cloud web hosting account with us. Each and every part of the hosting service (email messages, databases, files) shall be taken care of by its own group of servers, so only one type of processes shall run on a given web server, that will contribute to the amazing loading speed of your websites even more. You could use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl and almost any other web development language for your sites, because they all can run on a Linux web server. We also use the Apache web server, considering that our experience over the years has shown that it is probably the perfect piece of software of its kind.
Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server accounts are created on a cutting-edge custom platform. An independent group of servers handles each and every service - databases, e-mail messages, files, and so on., and since we highly prize the pros of a custom-made, risk-free and reliable Operating System, all the web servers that form the groups run Linux. The Operating system allows us to make the needed adjustments, not to mention the increased speed, because just one type of process runs on the hosting server, unlike the conventional web hosting platform offered by most companies in which everything runs on a single server. In addition, we use the Apache web server also. We've examined its abilities over time, so we have confirmed that it will give us as a provider and you as a client the required speed and flexibility for the absolute best Internet site performance.