Our Website Installer may help you setup your own personal or company web site with its distinct design and style in an instant. Just select the form of site you desire to start and then pick your layout from the rich set of themes and click the installation button. Your site is going to be on the Internet in seconds. Utilizing the sign–in info that we send you, you are able to effectively upload visuals and put your very own textual content with simply a click of the mouse. If you require help publishing your web site or replacing its details, simply get a hold of Ibe Internet Technologies Ltd.’s tech support crew 24x7 via your ticket platform.

You’ll find the Website Installer inside the Ibe Internet Technologies Ltd. Online Control Panel that is included with every single Linux cloud web hosting packages, Linux VPS hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages package on our online store.

A Webpage Installation Tool For Everyone

Develop a brand–new web site without having any site development abilities

The webpage installer connects the gap in between technologically unskilled clients and complicated website production and layout. Using the application, you will not need to possess any knowledge in HTML or CSS. You’ll simply need to decide how your website will look like and hit the Install button of the application. That is it. Next, you’ll be able to feature completely new pages and include your own pictures with only a click of the mouse. No program code to write, no design to act on. It’s all is dealt with from the easy–to–use tool in the backend and is conducted very quickly.

If, for some reason, you aren’t satisfied with what you have come up with, you can always reverse the adjustments and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Web Themes In Your Hands

Launch your web site with just a click

To help you get hold of a brand new web site on the web as fast as possible, we have created a set of site templates to pick from. Depending on the topic of your website, you can find a terrific design theme for your blog site or image gallery as well as the most appropriate style and design for your portfolio. All templates are available for completely free use in your Online Control Panel. We are working to design fresh website templates in accordance with the latest style and design tendencies as a way to supply you with a better choice for your own websites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Tech Support

The tech representatives are at your disposal 24 hours a day

Ibe Internet Technologies Ltd.’s tech support crew is made up of professionals that have worked a long time in the hosting sector. They are qualified to manage various troubles and can be found round the clock, in a position to assist you. Moreover, we’ve got Regularly Asked Questions and lots of instructional videos.

In addition, we supply a one–hour reply–back time guarantee, which means that you will get a reply to your problem quickly. The common reply–back time is lower than 20 minutes.

24/7 Support